Dmitry Dovidenko

Dmitry Dovidenko

VP of Cloud Solutions

Partner Biography: Dmitry Dovidenko

As a technology leader Dmitry’s background is in developing technology strategy. Dmitry has extensive expertise in cloud, data center and networking. An expert in scale, Dmitry has managed annual technology budgets exceeding $50MM. His experience includes M&A, consolidation, cost analysis, and full stack project planning. Technology expertise includes:

  • Open source experience with Linux, virtualization, and web services.
  • Large scale critical infrastructure, data centers, hardware and software.
  • Optimizing multi-vendor environments and aligning with industry best practices.
  • White space activities, business transformation, major refreshes and overhauls.
  • Systems security and denial of service mitigation.

I use my diverse range of skills to ensure businesses and customers succeed.

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